Conversion between units of measurement

Conversion between units of time.

Transform seconds into hours.

Transform seconds into days.

Transform seconds into weeks.

Transform seconds into months.

Transform seconds into years.

Transform minutes into seconds.

Transform minutes into hours.

Transform minutes into days.

Transform minutes into weeks.

Transform minutes into months.

Transform minutes into years.

Transform hours into seconds.

Transform hours into minutes.

Transform hours into days.

Transform hours into weeks.

Transform hours into months.

Transform hours into years.

Transform days into seconds.

Transform days into minutes.

Transform days into hours.

Transform days into weeks.

Transform days into months.

Transform days into years.

Transform weeks into seconds.

Transform weeks into minutes.

Transform weeks into hours.

Transform weeks into days.

Transform weeks into months.

Transform weeks into years.

Transform months into seconds.

Transform months into minutes.

Transform months into hours.

Transform months into days.

Transform months into weeks.

Transform months into years.

Transform years into seconds.

Transform years into minutes.

Transform years into hours.

Transform years into days.

Transform years into weeks.

Transform years into months.

Transform seconds into minutes.

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