Conversion between units of measurement
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You can easily convert 120 grams into ounces using each unit definition:

gram = millikg = 1e-3 kg = 0.001 kg
ounce = 1|16 pound = 0.028349523 kg

With this information, you can calculate the quantity of ounces 120 grams is equal to.

¿How many oz are there in 120 g?

In 120 g there are 4.2328754 oz.

Which is the same to say that 120 grams is 4.2328754 ounces.

One hundred twenty grams equals to four ounces. *Approximation

¿What is the inverse calculation between 1 ounce and 120 grams?

Performing the inverse calculation of the relationship between units, we obtain that 1 ounce is 0.23624603 times 120 grams.

A ounce is zero times one hundred twenty grams. *Approximation

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