Conversion between units of measurement

Conversion between units of length.

Transform inches into feet.

Transform inches into yards.

Transform inches into miles.

Transform inches into leagues.

Transform inches into nautical miles.

Transform inches into millimeters.

Transform inches into centimeter.

Transform inches into meters.

Transform inches into kilometer.

Transform feet into inches.

Transform feet into yards.

Transform feet into miles.

Transform feet into leagues.

Transform feet into nautical mile.

Transform feet into millimeters.

Transform feet into centimeters.

Transform feet into meters.

Transform feet into kilometers.

Transform yards into inches.

Transform yards into feet.

Transform yards into miles.

Transform yards into league.

Transform yards into nautical miles.

Transform yards into millimeters.

Transform yards into centimeters.

Transform yards into meters.

Transform yards into kilometers.

Transform miles into inches.

Transform miles into feet.

Transform miles into yards.

Transform miles into leagues.

Transform miles into nautical mile.

Transform miles into millimeters.

Transform miles into centimeters.

Transform miles into meters.

Transform miles into kilometers.

Transform leagues into inches.

Transform leagues into feet.

Transform leagues into yards.

Transform leagues into miles.

Transform leagues into nautical miles.

Transform leagues into millimeters.

Transform leagues into centimeters.

Transform leagues into meters.

Transform leagues into kilometers.

Transform nautical miles into inches.

Transform nautical miles into feet.

Transform nautical miles into yards.

Transform nautical miles into miles.

Transform nautical miles into leagues.

Transform nautical miles into millimeters.

Transform nautical miles into centimeters.

Transform nautical miles into meters.

Transform nautical miles into kilometers.

Transform millimeters into inches.

Transform millimeters into feet.

Transform millimeters into yards.

Transform millimeters into miles.

Transform millimeters into leagues.

Transform millimeters into nautical miles.

Transform millimeters into centimeters.

Transform millimeters into meters.

Transform millimeters into kilometers.

Transform centimeters into inches.

Transform centimeters into feet.

Transform centimeters into yards.

Transform centimeters into miles.

Transform centimeters into leagues.

Transform centimeters into nautical miles.

Transform centimeters into millimeters.

Transform centimeters into meters.

Transform centimeters into kilometers.

Transform meters into inches.

Transform meters into feet.

Transform meters into yards.

Transform meters into miles.

Transform meters into leagues.

Transform meters into nautical miles.

Transform meters into millimeters.

Transform meters into centimeters.

Transform meters into kilometers.

Transform kilometers into inches.

Transform kilometers into feet.

Transform kilometers into yards.

Transform kilometers into miles.

Transform kilometers into leagues.

Transform kilometers into nautical miles.

Transform kilometers into millimeters.

Transform kilometers into centimeters.

Transform kilometers into meters.

Transform millimeters into miles.

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